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For any small business, keeping track of sales and inventory can be a significant challenge. To help ensure that they are able to properly record all sales and keep track of inventory, using a point-of-sale system could be very beneficial. One of the most popular POS systems is the QuickBooks POS system.

Accept Payments

One of the advantages of a QuickBooks POS system is that it can accept credit card payments. The credit card processing component of the QuickBooks POS system is extremely fast and secure. This will allow you to save money on an additional credit card processing service while also providing your customers with one of the most convenient methods of payment.

Financial Statement and Inventory Assistance

While the QuickBooks POS system can be used to record sales, it can also be used to record inventory. Whenever a new sales is made by your business, it will automatically be registered a number of different ways. First, it will register with your financial statements to ensure that it is properly recorded for your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Second, it will automatically link up to your inventory reports.

Having the QuickBooks POS system will be able to save you a considerable amount of time in financial statement preparation. The financial records will be able to link with any major accounting software and can even be helped to prepare taxes. The QuickBooks POS system will also link with your current inventory report to provide you with an update of your current inventory and will alert you when it is time to buy more.


What separates the QuickBooks POS system from other operating systems is that it is extremely accessible. The QuickBooks POS system can run on a number of platforms including your computer, tablet, phone, and other mobile devices. This will allow you to access the system from wherever you are. Furthermore, all data that is inputted and calculated in the system will be stored in the cloud, which will allow multiple users to receive the most current information available.


The primary advantage of a QuickBooks POS system compared to similar systems is that you will receive a consultation on how to maximize your use out of the system. The QuickBooks POS system will come with a training session that will help you to curtail your system to meet the needs of your business. The consultation will include showing you all of the features of the system, how to input information, how to pull reports, and how the reports can be used to make business decisions. After you have started using the system, the consultants will also be available answer any additional questions that you may have.