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Now that you have started the business you desired, it’s time to prepare on how you’ll get paid. But, the trickiest part is getting the most suitable and straightforward point-of- sale (POS) system that will suit your needs. An ideal POS system for a small business will allow you to process each sale securely with the right software that will handle administrative tasks efficiently. The kind of tasks you’ll need help with and the sales you make usually depend on the type of business. A clothing boutique will probably have different needs compared to a busy coffee café.

How do you know that your small business needs a POS system?

It’s a good idea to get a POS system for your business if you plan on accepting debit and credit card payment and to have a transparent system to track sales. Any business can benefit greatly from having a POS system, even the small ones. It is tough to record each transaction electronically unless you have such as reliable system. It will be extremely hard to have a clear understanding on what you sell. The more the data you collect, the more you make informed decisions. A POS system also helps the business to look more legitimate especially if it’s a start-up.

Some things you must consider include:

  • Payment processing costs
  • Initial costs for setting up
  • Monthly processing fees
  • POS software fees
  • Equipment costs
  • Level of mobility
  • The system’s ability to take EMV chip cards
  • POS features (e.g. inventory management, appointment management, invoices or ability to store data safely).

Here is a list of best POS systems:


Square is a versatile payment system compared to the others. A business that has just started out can use the system to accept payments on the cheap. The mobile card they provide is free at sign-up. You can also opt to purchase additional readers at $29. The Square app is also free and will let you build a customized register when you enter the photos and prices of the items. It also helps you to organize them by category. You can also use the app to accept offline payments. The square dashboard will let you manage employee sheets, see sales reports, and send invoices. It works with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and can be integrated with Xero, QuickBooks or other apps.


This POS system is designed to suits the needs of retailers and restaurants. It has a free app that can work with iPads and allows you to buy additional hardware including register stands, card readers, receipt printers and cash drawers from customizing your setup. This software can include sales analytics, inventory tracking, customer marketing and employee management. It incorporates with AppCard, QuickBooks, and MailChimp.

PayPal Here

This is the best POS for anyone who sells products online and uses PayPal as a mode of payment. It is a free app that works with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones, including tablets. The app lets you record check and cash payments, create and send invoices and to see sales reports. It also integrates with your PayPal account, enabling you to track in-person and online payments easily.

Flint Mobile

This POS system that uses the phone’s camera to scan the customer cards without using any extra equipment. Flint is still the only company that charges different rates for debit and credit transactions. Keyed-in transactions are charged the same as swipe transactions.

The free Flint application will work on Android and iOS devices. It’ll allow you to send invoices, track cash, collect online payments and check payments. They also have an online portal that lets you see and analyze transaction data, get Excel files and sync them with QuickBooks.