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Nowadays modern technology is increasing giving an opportunity people to conduct their businesses from wherever they are. It has come to be routine for more businesses to embrace a mobile point of sales systems. Small businesses transact through credit card payments or other means which do not involve cash as the best Ideal way for mobile point of sale e.g. we can have PayPal as the best means of payment credit card payment. The point of sales system are convenient, affordable and many mobile payments and mobile point of sales have emerged and it’s not easy to know the one that comes with a lot of hidden fees and the one that is the best for the merchants in today’s world. We have explored the best five mobile point of sales system for the merchants today.

Spark pay.

It is both a mobile point of sales and mobile payments service that offers a registered basic functionality.

You also get some nice extra services like reporting inventory and customization of electronic receipts. Spark pay has got an account model for the merchant that doesn’t have many customers complaining about the high volume transactions issues of the account as its competitor. One should be a where of the sign-up process that is little more rigorous than another mobile point of sales since it runs credit check for all applicants.

PayPal here.

This provides businesses with an easy on the method of accepting payment. For businesses who already have an account with PayPal, it is a good mobile payment system since it integrates with other PayPal services effortlessly.

Intuit go payment.

Here you get your own merchant account which assures you with reduced risk of funding SNAFUs, control, and also offers advanced features like recurring billing, invoicing and the processing of cards from a web provides a reasonable processing of credit cards via monthly paid plan.


It is one of the richest mobile points of sales apps since it does not charge a monthly fee. The features that you get with a square that is slick are; inventory management, online store, an offline mode to capture credit card information and invoicing. It is the easiest and the quickest to get started with even if your business is small. Its aggregate merchant account doesn’t allow control of high volume business and the level of stability hence not suitable for large businesses.

Sell on Etsy

You must be a user of Etsy in order to use a card reader and the sell on Etsy app. Right from the app you can run your online store and sell in person. This app is ideal for the small businesses and for the individuals who sell both in person and online on Etsy.