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It is a wise idea to have a golf course point of Sale (POS) System to manage your golf course. A golf course POS system will help you reduce loss, control your inventory, and drive revenue. The POS system also interfaces with main property and accounting management systems so as to give you control from anywhere. It can either be on or off the property.

The features of a good golf course POS system in inventory management includes;

  • log, manage and track inventory to help you control losses
  • Barcode system tracks inventory which runs across many facilities
  • Promo codes support gift cards and coupon redemptions
  • Familiar touchscreens to be used for inventory searches sales
  • Credit card technology that integrates with the leading processing services

An excellent golf course POS system offers you centralized sales data with instantaneous performance reports. It is also able to track the spending patterns of golfers, manage golfer data, support membership and recurring billing, offer mobile POS units to increase flexibility, and a food and beverage module that supports the halfway house.

An excellent golf course POS system will offer a golf course better sales and inventory control. It should offer particular functions to assist clubs in managing all parts of the golf operations such as the snack bar and grill. It should also provide loyalty and ticketing functions. Other features of a golf course POS system are golf check-in, on account billing, golfer game packs, loyalty program, and much more.

You should ensure that the golf course POS system is easy to use and has a quick set up when selecting it. It should come with video training for staff and management. The golf course POS should have offsite monitoring and management with built-in marketing tools that generate repeat business.

It is important to have a golf course POS system installed in your golf course in the current times so as to relieve yourself the entire burden that comes with managing staff and controlling inventory physically. The POS system should make the running of your golf course easy and should offer password protection in all the system levels. Golf professionals and club managers can stay closer to their inventory and get valuable management reports regarding the progress of the business. The POS system should provide greater control of the whole clubhouse operation. It only takes a few minutes to train the staff on the use of an easy-to-follow training video.

A good golf course POS system should be diverse since no business is similar to another. It should address the specific needs of your golf course. It is important to do a thorough search of the best golf course POS systems so as to settle on the one that best suits your golf course. Many vendors offer POS systems. You should settle for the one that offers more features while being cost-effective. Some of the best golf POS systems include AIMsi- offered by Tri-Technical Systems, bookitlive, Golf POS-offered by foreUP, Teebook, Chronogolf, and ClubSoft-offered by Clubessential. There is also CourseLogix, CPS for Resorts, Golf course management software, Eighteen, Golfsmash, iGolf system, IBS CLUB, Jonas club management, League manager, Sadie Golf, and Total e-integrated. All these are ideal for golf clubs, communities, private clubs, restaurants, and resorts.

You should consider the reviews of the vendor by other clients when choosing a golf course POS system and for the efficiency of the POS system. An excellent golf course POS should come as a great benefit for your business and not complicate matters. You should be able to feel the difference before and after purchasing the POS system.