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Clover is a company that produces hardware and software POS systems. Clover has four main flagship products to help you get the POS experience that you deserve. The Clover Station is the full package and is a countertop POS that comes as a sizeable display screen and a hub. The system is powerful and can handle task concurrently and do it promptly. You can check reports, make payments, print, track inventory, and manage employee time sheets. The station does not take up a lot of space which means that you will not have to deal with clutter. The Clover Station comes configured according to your customization and is ready to use right out of the box. It also has offline functionality. Your business is not disrupted when there is no internet connectivity. You can also connect other components of your POS using its USB ports. Various accessories can be fitted to it making it scalable for any business setting. These include a bar-code scanner and a scale.

The Clover Mini is a small device that can be carried easily but can perform various tasks with ease. It is designed to be a countertop POS unlike many countertop POS’. The Mini is just the right size and does not fill up too much space on the counter. The Mini shines when it comes to payments and supports contactless, EMV chip, and swipe payments without any configurations. It can be integrated with an existing POS system and can be set up to handle all the payments.

You have the capability to add more POS components as needed when you get the Mini, unlike off-the-shelf software. This makes it scalable as the business grows when the POS needs to carry out more functions. The screen is big and bright enough so that the user can have a comfortable experience even though it is a Mini. It can be paired easily with the printer making printing receipts an easy process. You are not limited to what you can do since the Clover Mini can be configured to become a fully featured system though it was primarily built for payments. You have access to all of Clover’s apps to help you do tasks such as inventory tracking, employee scheduling, and making gift cards.

Clover Mobile is another product that is offered by the company to serve as a POS. Its main advantage is that it is a portable device that has POS functionality. It has payment functionality just like the Mini and accepts cards, contactless payments, and EMV chips. It can connect to Wi-Fi or use mobile data ensuring that you stay connected with your colleagues just like a smartphone. Clover offers all round customer support for owners of the Clover Mobile so that issues can be solved fast. It is not uncommon to see one being used by staff to serve clients who are waiting in a line. It is a popular product with owners whose businesses involve being on the move including festivals and food trucks. Clover Mobile can be set up at the tables of your restaurant or business. Customers can pay right from their tables.

The Clover Go is a small portable device that acts as a payments reader. It can be hooked up to your phone or tablet making it easier to accept payments wherever you go. It supports chips, cards, and even NFC payment methods and is configured to work with the other products offered by Clover. It can be connected wirelessly to your device and has inbuilt encryption to ensure that customer data is protected.