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It is important that we look at the types of operations that take place at a bakery to be able to choose the most appropriate POS system for a bakery. There is the side of the business that the customers interact with which includes service and payments. There is also the side of the business for the employees and suppliers. A POS system that will be deployed at a bakery should streamline the interactions that the bakery has with each party. The POS system should improve the speed at which customers are served at the bakery. It should also make the payments process easy and should support different modes of payment. The POS system should make it easier to track inventory since the bakery’s business relies on if there is enough stock. It should also generate sales reports and allow the owner to do accounting and bookkeeping easily.

A traditional POS system might not be the best choice because it might not support newer payment methods. Off-the-shelf software is a good fit but the software is expensive and packs many features that might not be used at the bakery. A cloud-based POS that comes with an iPad is the most appropriate because of some reasons. A cloud-based POS system is cheaper compared to the other forms since the infrastructure is set up online. The tasks that are performed at bakeries are not intensive, and the edge cases are close to zero. Cloud-based POS’ are not bulky. They come with essential features. These systems are scalable if the business grows because you can add more accessories to fit your needs.

Do customers have to wait in long lines at your bakery just to get served? A wireless POS system that is hooked up to the server might be the best fit. The waiters at the bakery can carry handheld POS’ and move with them taking the orders of the customers. This is good because all they do is pick up their items and pay when a client reaches the counter. They do not need to place the order and then wait for it to be done. A wireless POS system can be integrated by placing iPads on the tables. The iPads expose an interface through which customers can place their orders. This setup is better than the other one if the bakery has enough space because customers do not have to wait in line. This setup allows customers to see what it is that they are ordering and they can also track their order. Paying becomes easier since the client can pay for the order right from where they are seated. The result is better customer service and a seamless process from check-in to check-out.

Data can be collected and analyzed to provide insights to the business owner since a wireless POS is hooked up to a server. The owner can find out which items are the most popular and then make sure that they are always available to customers. The bakery will realize more profits in the end and will have a satisfied customer base. Some POS systems have been developed to cater for food-related businesses. These POS systems are better because they have been developed to address needs that these businesses face. Examples of these POS systems include TouchBistro, Lightspeed Restaurant POS, and Shopkeep. All of the above are iPad-based POS systems but with a different approach to the way the data is stored. TouchBistro keeps the data on the site. It is not affected by internet connectivity while Shopkeep functions without the internet but will sync when there is a connection.

Top 3 Bakery POS Systems